Giorgio al Cucciolo

Our Cuisine

The story of Giorgio al Cucciolo is peculiar and is connected to the name that the restaurant currently bears. Giorgio and Emanuela started this business nine years ago; but the place had already existed for about 35 years.

The previous owner had called the restaurant “Il Cucciolo” and since we already have a restaurant in Capri called “da Giorgio”, when we took over the management of the Anacapri restaurant we decided to merge the two names, and it is from here that “Giorgio al Cucciolo” was born.

We offer both land and sea dishes, but it is the latter that are very strong with our customers. We offer fish appetizers, often raw, salmon, prawns, oysters, grilled razor clams that are very successful, stir-fried shrimp, fried squid, seafood salad, grilled, squid, shrimp, octopus and much more.


Giorgio and Emanuela Desiderio, together with an attentive and prepared staff, welcome customers with a cuisine attentive to tradition but that knows how to surprise, in a welcoming location with a breathtaking view of our splendid gulf.

The cuisine

Francesco Staiano and Umberto Pandarolo, together, they carry on a culinary tradition made up of genuine ingredients but also of particular attention to the “beauty” of the dish, paying attention to current events and tastes of the moment.